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Mr. Rafael PINCHAS and PNG Case

The "saga and orchestra" of the  highly questionable CISS-ICSD Persona non Grata (“PNG”) status of Mr. Rafael PINCHAS (he is a lead promoter of the 1924-2024 U.S. Deaflympics Celebrations Reunion Committee), begun in 2007, continues.

As a matter of fact,  it was reported that in September 2014 in Turkey the CISS-ICSD Board of Directors conferred together and agreed to cancel the PNG status of Mr. Rafael PINCHAS.  Next, on March 28,  2015, the CISS-ICSD delegates gathered at the CISS-ICSD Congress meeting in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, and unanimously passed the CISS-ICSD Board of Directors' decision to cancel PINCHAS' PNG status entirely. Thus, the PNG issue finally ended.           

Please see a copy of the 45th ICSD Congress Minutes - Khanty-Mansiysk 2015 or click the link:  (specifically in the Item 11.6 re: Removal of PNG status of Mr. PINCHAS).

Also please look up the past CISS-ICSD Board of Directors Minutes Reports in those years and then confirm the Report contents. (This past April 4, 2023 the USDCCC requested the CISS-ICSD President to provide these Board of Directors' Minutes Report copies - to date no response from the CISS-ICSD on this request).

Question #1

However, now the biggest and very puzzling question is why is Mr. PINCHAS still kept in the PNG status position today while he was widely praised by the worldwide deaf community for having published 13 books about the history of Summer and Winter Deaflympics and the biographies of the past and present Deaf Olympians?  

In addition, he had promoted two countries - Russia (October 12-13, 2019) and Poland (August 10, 2021) - and conducted their recent Deaflympics anniversary celebration events in honor of the establishment of the Deaflympic Games in Paris, France, in 1924, respectively. 

It was reported that in these two celebratory events certain members of the CISS-ICSD Board of Directors, including the current ICSD CEO, attended and praised Mr. PINCHAS a lot by warmly hugging and kissing him on both cheeks.   

Additionally, Mr. PINCHAS had during his two visits to Paris in 2018 promoted and encouraged the French deaf sports leaders to prepare to organize their Deaflympics anniversary celebration event in Paris  next year.

Question # 2

In the sum, this past April 4, 2023 the USDCCC has written a letter to the ICSD President and Board by asking them to clarify the reason why does Mr. PINCHAS’ PNG situation still remains today in spite of the fact that the ICSD Congress delegates had already passed the Motion to remove his status in 2015?

Also, the current CISS-ICSD leaders and worldwide deaf community may not be aware of this fact:  the  so-called 2007 Mr. PINCHAS as the CISS-ICSD PNG Proposal or Motion submitted to the 40th CISS-ICSD Congress in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, for debate and voting on February 1, 2007 was a FAKE or falsified document, which was intentionally and willfully, knowingly and irresponsibly  doctored by the three persons in the then CISS-ICSD hierarchy, and that these three persons were (and still are) very reluctant and adamantly evasive to submit to the jurisdiction to the Lausanne-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (or CAS-TAS) in order to arbitrate this FAKE document submission.

Please see and review the 2 attached copies of the 2007 CISS Congress’ Motion #65 passed and the 2011 ICSD Congress Proposal #57  for your information and perusal.

The three persons are the now-deceased ex-CISS-ICSD President Mr. Jerald Jordan, the ex-CISS-ICSD President Ms. Donalda Ammons, and former CISS-ICSD CEO and current CISS-ICSD Ethics Commission Chair Ms. Tiffany Williams (formerly Ms. Granfors).

Question #3

Because the current CISS-ICSD President and his Board of Directors are bringing up again the issue of the Mr. PINCHAS and his PNG case, will both Ms. Ammons and Ms. Williams be willing and prepared to submit to the full jurisdiction to the CAS-TAS now?

In the interests of justice and transparency, facts and truth, to this minute, the current CISS-ICSD President and his Board of Directors have not provided their responses to these three foregoing questions yet. 

2007 CICS Congress Proposal
2011 CISI Proposal