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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs are to clarify frequent questions asked by some Deaflympians and interested persons. Please see the responses to the FAQs below. Your feedback is welcome and helpful. 

1) Why is the Deaflympics' 100th anniversary event to be held in Colorado Springs, Colorado? 

After we explored several locations across America, Colorado Springs, Colorado was selected because it is the capital of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Community.

2) Why and what does $100.00 registration do with the Deaflympics' 100th anniversary event? 

Registration fees will cover the necessary costs of room and tent rentals, drinks and food, Deaflympics' outfits, and more surprises. Nothing is free! 

3) Why is USDCCC hosting the Deaflympics' 100th anniversary (1924-2024) event?

Last year (March 2022) the U.S. Deaflympic Centennial Celebration Committee (USDCCC) made great efforts in reaching out to the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) to start planning the Deaflympics' 100th anniversary event. We were able to meet through a zoom meeting on March 9, 2022, coordinated by Mr. Lynn Ray Boren, U.S. Women’s Volleyball Head Coach. Then we wrote a formal letter to the USADSF Executive Director, Mr. Jim Crane the next day, on March 10, 2022. The follow-up email was addressed to the USADSF on March 16, 2022. The Executive Director Mr. Crane responded that he had received and forwarded it to the USADSF Board of Directors. Then follow-up three more times, on the following dates: April 11, 2022, May 24, 2022, and June 1, 2022, were ended up with no responses to our requests with a strong interest in partnership with them. We were disappointed for the lack of responses or being ignored. Therefore, we went ahead and moved on to explore a collaborative effort in which we were able to develop a great partnership with the USA Deaf Basketball (USADB). We officially agreed to set up our cooperation with the said event on September 1, 2022. We are truly grateful for the ongoing great partnership between the USDCCC and the USADB. 

4) Has the USDCCC reached out to the USADSF for collaborating efforts in celebrating the Deaflympics’ 100th anniversary event? 

As stated above, the USDCCC has made tremendous efforts in reaching out to the USADSF Board members, the USDCCC was able to get in touch with Mr. Kevin Smith who is one of the USADSF Board members. He referred us to Mr. Jeff Mansfield, who is the president of the USADSF Board, on February 26, 2023. Mr. Mansfield and Dr. Mark J. Myers were immediately scheduled to meet through a zoom meeting the next day, February. 27th. They agreed to discuss some different issues and were scheduled to meet again on March 14, 2023. One of main issues was related to Mr. Rafael Pinchas whom the USADSF Board of Directors asked that he be aside (in another word, removed from the USDCCC). Dr. Myers asked for the real reason. Mr. Mansfield responded that it was due to “PNG” ("Persona non Grata") against Mr. Pinchas by the CISS-ICSD that happened in 2007. Even though the PNG was cancelled in 2014, he said that it happened again recently in 2021 that he has a copy of the CISS-ICSD’s minutes. We still have not seen the copy of the minutes or any evidence. Mr. Mansfield admitted that he has no personal conflict with Mr. Pinchas, who does apparently have sincere and strong interests in all Deaflympics events for more than 50 years. Mr. Pinchas has written many articles and 13 books related to the subject of the history of the Deaflympics. Dr. Myers responded that he could not remove Mr.Pinchas because he did nothing wrong with the Deaflympics in the past 10 years regardless of the “PNG” way back in 2007. It is time to move on to celebrate the history and spirit of the Deaflympics’ 100th anniversary event in America. Even though Mr. Mansfield agreed that we ought to bring all Deaflympians together, he was not interested in doing political struggles with the CISS-ICSD and the USADSF Board members. 

Please click the link: and see a copy of the 45th CISS-ICSD Congress Minutes Report - Item 11.6  (re: Removal of PNG status of Mr. Pinchas)

Thus, on March 14, 2023, Dr. Myers requested Mr. Mansfield to include Dr. Simon Carmel who is the Vice Chair of the USDCCC, and Mr. Kevin Smith, one of the USADSF Board members. It was agreed upon all four individuals to meet together via zoom. Mr. Mansfield still insisted that Mr. Pinchas be removed from the USDCCC due to the order of  the CISS-ICSD (by the way, the USADSF is affiliated with the CISS-ICSD). He was asked for their reasons that he was not able to answer and referred us to get in touch with the CISS-ICSD Board of Directors. 

5) Has the USDCCC gotten in touch with the CISS-ICSD Board of Directors for the 100th anniversary event of the Deaflympics? 

As a matter of fact, Mr. Pinchas has made tremendous efforts to start planning the 100th anniversary event of the Deaflympics way back in 2018 and again multiple times since then to no avail. 

Dr. Simon Carmel and Dr. Mark Myers wrote a letter to the entire CISS-ICSD Board of Directors the next day, on March 15, 2023, for open communication as an introduction and background of both Drs. Carmel and Myers as Deaflympians. They have not yet answered to both Carmel and Myers to this date.  

6) What is the purpose of having the Deaflympics' 100th anniversary reunion with all Deaflympians? 

The purpose of the Deaflympics' 100th anniversary reunion event is to celebrate the high spirit of Deaflympics' enriched and valuable history of all Deaflympians who participated in the Deaflympic sports all over the world since 1924! It is once-a-lifetime opportunity for all former and present Deaflympians to gather, reminisce and share their stories, memories, experiences, and enjoyments. 

7) Many people, including USASDF asked us what kind of 13 books Mr. Pinchas wrote?

Author Rafael Pinchas has been committed and dedicated to the Deaflympics since 1968. Herewith is the list of  his published books since 2014 by the following book titles, years, and numbers of pages: 

  • 2022 - The United States of America and The Deaflympic Games (296 pages);
  • 2021 - The Deaflympic Games and The Jews (150 pages);
  • 2021 - The Deaflympic Games - Facts, Statistics and Photos 1924-2022 (198 pages);
  • 2020 - Deaf Athletes at The Olympic Games (136 pages);
  • 2020 - Deaf Athletes at The Olympic Games (in Russian, 128 pages);
  • 2019 - Les Jeux Sourdlympiques 95-eme Anniversaire - 1924-2019 - Faits, Statistiques and Photos (in French, 220 pages);
  • 2019 - Los Juegos Sordolimpicos 95 Anniversario - Hechos, Estadisticas, Fotos, 1924-2019 (in Spanish, 202 pages);
  • 2018 - The Deaflympic Games - Facts, Statistics and Photos, 1924-2018 (212 pages);
  • 2018 - The History of The Deaflympic Games, 1924-2018 (2nd Edition, 374 pages);
  • 2018 - The History of The Deaflympic Games, 1924-2018 (in Russian, 372 pages;
  • 2017 - *The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Deaflympics Hierarchy and Politics, Ombudsman’s Diary (302 pages);
  • 2015 - The History of The Deaflympic Games, 90th Anniversary Jubilee Book, 1924-2014 (427 pages);
  • 2015 - The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (1924-2014) Review - 1924-2014 (206 pages);
  • 2014 - The Deaflympic Games - 1924-2014, 90th Anniversary Jubilee Edition - Facts, Statistics and Photos (207 pages).

8) Were there the CISS-ICSD/Deaflympics’ anniversary celebrations in the past? Where? By whom?

Yes. As a true patriot of the Deaflympics, longtime and dedicated historian, lecturer, book author and promoter, Mr. Pinchas had with encouraging display and fanfare co-organized two major CISS-ICSD/Deaflympics-related events in Russia in 2019, and Poland in 2021. These two celebratory events were attended by certain top officials of the CISS-ICSD, who, as a result, highly praised Mr. Pinchas for his outstanding, valuable and dedicated work on behalf of the CISS-ICSD/Deaflympics, et cetera.

Watch 4 different video clips and photos below: 

9) Are there other countries planning to organize the 100th Deaflympics Anniversary events in 2024?

Yes. As far as we know, in 2024 the following countries are planning to arrange their own 100th Deaflympics Anniversary celebrations events for their former IGD/WGD/Deaflympic athletes and officials. These countries are France, Venezuela, Russia, and Ireland.